Monday, January 27, 2014

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How do you fit a long, straight tube inside a small space? Bend it. 

Exhaust systems are not an exemption to this. As carriers of exhaust gases, the system must be able to safely guide the gases out of any combustion chamber, namely engines. However, with limited space, long tubes may not fit to contribute to the exhaust system's function. There must be a way for exhaust systems to incorporate pipes small enough to allow a seamless fit. 

Fortunately, exhaust elbows make fitting exhaust tubes easier inside limited space. An elbow's main purpose is to make a sharp bend within a short distance in small spaces. An exhaust system needs to have turns and bends at some point to direct the exhaust out of the engine to the outside. 

While exhaust elbows serve as a bridge that connects two ends of exhaust pipes, they must also be strong enough to handle the heat and pressure of the gases that pass through their exhaust tubes. Otherwise, they may spring a leak or break entirely. Another problem common to exhaust elbows is clogging. Once clogged, overheating may occur and perforation may arise. Always make it a habit to check your exhaust system with an authorized technician for corrosion, perforation, obstruction, and malformation.


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