Friday, January 3, 2014

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Record heat waves in Australia, cold snaps in the United States, snow in Egypt and Vietnam—these are just some of the strange weather disturbances that have occurred in recent times. With the climate turning weird like an episode on The Twilight Zone, many people are switching to eco-friendly measures like carpooling and energy-efficient products like LED lights. 

LED (short for light emitting diodes) lighting is dubbed consumes less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent lights that have long been installed in homes all over the country for the longest time. Households that have made the switch to LED lighting can consequently cut back on their expenses as they no longer need to replace their lighting fixtures as frequently as before. 

LED lighting is not restricted to household use, however. In fact, LED lights are rather popular in the trucking industry, where they are used as “stop, tail, turn” lights, directional lights, and marker lights. 

It is also worth noting that LED lights illuminate a wider area than conventional headlights and are thus ideal for those who drive frequently at night or in inclement weather. LED lights for large motor vehicles come in different colors. Amber LED lights, which emit a shade similar to red, are particularly good options as they are easily noticed on the road.


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