Friday, July 25, 2014

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For trailer owners, E-Track systems are like a heaven-sent solution. What makes these systems so great is the multitude of different devices that make them even more useful. E-Track fittings, ratchet straps, tie down straps—all these make securing even simple accessories like cargo nets and bungee cords a cinch.

Spring E-Fitting

The Spring E-Fitting is the device you see at the ends of E-Track ratchet and cam buckle straps. The end of the device that you attach to the track has a ‘spring trigger’ for easy fastening and release. With so many uses, this fitting type is arguably the most versatile among its kind.

E-Track Rope Tie-Off

Rope tie-offs are the perfect accessories to any E-Track system when your straps don’t have the spring e-fittings hardware. These devices come with D-rings that allow you to hook other straps or tie-downs onto them. Thus, if you frequently use rope or other straps to secure cargo, you’ll find this an essential fitting for your E-Track system.

Wood beam socket

This fitting contains a metal pocket that can firmly hold a shoring beam from an ordinary piece of lumber. To use, simply attach this fitting onto an E-Track rail, cut the wood to the appropriate size, and place one end of the wood in the fitting’s pocket.


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