Thursday, July 31, 2014

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When you find ways to make your truck perform better, the exhaust system is often forgotten. Few realize that the exhaust system is one of the hardest working parts of any automobile. To be efficient, it must be able to expel its waste gases properly and quietly. That’s why it is important to have its parts checked regularly to ensure the system’s optimal condition. Here are a few facts about the exhaust system:

  • The exhaust header collects the gases that the engine expels. This is why it’s designed to hook up with all of an engine’s exhaust ports. An ill-fitting or a leaking header means the exhaust isn’t released properly, which will eventually cause engine problems.

  • There are pipes and tubes that take the gases (collected by the header) to the different parts of the system. This is where various proper tubing, pipes, and elbows are needed, especially if the truck is a large one. Factory versions are usually made of low-grade steel; upgrading them into better quality steel like aluminized or stainless steel allows these pipes to last longer.

  • Mufflers ensure that the sound the car’s engine makes is muffled, and purrs just right. They also help clean the exhaust. However, they also create backpressure that reduces engine power. Some truckers replace them with noisier mufflers to give an engine its full strength.

  • Catalytic converters were added in the 70s to further clean the gases expelled by automobiles. Coated with metals like palladium and platinum that react to chemicals in the exhaust, they convert gas quality into something less toxic. 


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